A Revolution in Motorsport Simulations

  • Canopy Simulations provides lap time simulation, vehicle modelling and setup exploration in record time, using the power of cloud computing.

  • “I used to spend 90% of my time running simulations and only 10% thinking about performance.
    With Canopy, I spend 95% of my time thinking about performance.”

    - Head of Vehicle Dynamics, F1

  • “This is very, very good. By far better than anything else I've seen.”

    - Formula 1 Engineer

  • “With a product of this quality on the market, it’s going to really shake things up.”

    - Formula 1 Engineer

  • “It is an F1 quality product – it’s probably actually beyond that, it is disruptive technology.”

    - Motorsport Circuit Designer

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Unparalleled Expertise

With over 35 years' experience in the biggest Formula 1 teams, we have the expertise to help you move up the grid. Current clients include teams in Formula 1, Formula E and IndyCar.

Gain Lap Time, Faster

Use our scalable compute cloud to run large-scale multi-dimensional studies in minutes, while our cutting edge vehicle model will ensure your car is simulated with unprecedented accuracy.

Cut your Costs

With Canopy Simulations you'll get an in-depth understanding of your car's performance in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of a typical in-house solution.

Our Simulations

Straight Sim

Straight Sim is a straight-line simulation which finds the static equilibrium state (with no acceleration) of the car at a series of speeds from 0 to 100m/s.

Apex Sim

Apex Sim is very similar to Straight Sim except that Apex Sim finds the quasi-static equilibrium of the car at constant speed and maximum lateral acceleration.

Quasi-Static Lap

This is the workhorse simulation of Formula 1, and the cornerstone of F1 car development and design. This simulation finds the quasi-static equilibrium of the car at every point around the track which is consistent with the speed and acceleration of the points surrounding it.

Taking approximately 25s to simulate an average lap, this is one of the fastest (not to mention most high-fidelity) quasi-static lap simulations in the world.

Deployment Lap

Ideally suited for Formula E, the mechanics of the car are solved in quasi-static equilibrium, while the amount of power used by the powertrain at every point around the lap is optimised to minimise lap-time for any given energy constraint.

By automatically optimising energy deployment for every lap simulated, Deployment Lap removes an otherwise lengthy manual iterative process of re-optimisation from the development cycle.

Dynamic Lap

The holy grail of lap simulation. A fully dynamic simulation with no driver model, achieving the maximum performance of the car, including all of its dynamics, without any assumptions about how it is driven.

Dynamic Lap solves every state of the car model at every point on the track simultaneously to give a dynamically consistent state trajectory which traverses the lap in minimum time subject to any number of algebraic or integral constraints on its behaviour.

Virtual 4-Post Rig

The car is run over a defined road profile by feeding the road heights into the four corners (wheels) of the car in continuous time.

The results show the dynamic response of the car to the given road profile, enabling analysis of contact patch load variation and exploration of how changes in damping and compliance will affect ride characteristics.

Generate Racing Line

Given a car and a track definition containing only the x-y coordinates of the track edges, Generate Racing Line will find the racing line which enables the given car to lap the track in the shortest time.

We built the state-of-the-art, so you don't have to.

At Canopy Simulations we observed that team after team will re-invent the same simulation technology, with varying degrees of success. We realised that we could end the wasteful "not invented here" mentality, and get vehicle dynamicists back to focusing on what they do best; finding lap time.

We combined our decades of expertise to create the most advanced car model, simulations and data analysis tools yet seen in Formula One or any other motorsport division. Then we unleashed their true potential using the power of cloud computing.

The Canopy Platform has been built around these tools, enabling anyone to leapfrog the competition to have best-in-class simulation capability at a fraction of the cost of developing in-house.


Study Explorer

Study Explorer

Telemetry Viewer

Telemetry Viewer

Car Validation

Car Validation

Racing Line Generation

Racing Line Generation

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Who We Are

Dr Oliver Watkins

Oli spent ten years at McLaren Racing, five of those as Head of Simulation Development. He has a track record of inventing suspension components and he is our vehicle modelling and simulations expert.

Oli has an MEng and PhD from Cambridge.

Dr Mark Catherall

Mark spent three years at McLaren Racing before leaving to do a PhD. During his PhD he did five years consulting for Ferrari, on everything from lap time simulations to high-dimensional metamodels.

Mark has an MEng and DPhil from Oxford.

James Thurley

James spent eight years at McLaren Racing, four of those as Principal Software Architect. With experience spanning live telemetry, wind tunnel control, and simulation, he is our infrastructure and cloud computing expert.

James has an MEng from Imperial College.

Rowland Jowett

Rowland spent nine years at McLaren Racing, becoming an expert in correlation, parameterisation and execution of offline and driver in the loop simulations. His mission is to ensure you are extracting maximum value from our platform.

Rowland has an MEng from the University of Bristol.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is our team's information?
We take the security of your data extremely seriously. All identifying company and user information is encrypted before being stored. Your passwords are securely hashed using the industry standard PBKDF2 hashing function. Your parameter information is stored in a dedicated database created just for your team. Your results are stored in a secure cloud storage container created solely for your team's results. No user from outside your team, including Canopy itself, will see any of your data. No-one will even be able to see you are using our platform.

Can you model my car?
Our vehicle model implements only pure vehicle physics; all of the car-specific information is in the parameters, which are set by you, the user. Almost anything on a car which impacts the dynamics is represented in our model, and if required we can extend the model on request, even making those extensions exclusive to your team if desired. In short, if your car has four wheels it can be faithfully modeled on the Canopy Platform.

Is your vehicle model suitable for a driver-in-the-loop simulator?
Yes, our vehicle model is a fully dynamic model which is more than capable of running in a driver-in-the-loop simulator at 1kHz which is the gold standard in professional motorsports. Running our vehicle model in your driver-in-the-loop simulator alongside your Canopy Platform subscription will give you an unparalleled ability to correlate your model, develop your car, and get feedback from your driver - all at record speed and with perfect alignment between offline and live simulations. We support Cruden, rFpro, vTAG, Speedgoat and more.

Other Services

World-beating Collocation Solver

The Canopy Simulations Collocation Solver is a software tool for configuring and solving optimal control (or trajectory optimization) problems via the method of collocation.

Our solver has been proven to be highly robust and extremely fast, having been used in a range of simulations both in motorsport and beyond.

We have licenced out our collocation solver to external customers with great success, and would be happy to discuss this possibility with you.

DIL Simulator Vehicle Models

The state of the art vehicle model used by the Canopy Platform is more than capable of being used in your driver-in-the-loop simulator, easily achieving ODE3 at 1kHz: 3,000 model calls per second of simulated time. Our high fidelity model compares favourably to those used by F1 teams in their simulators.

Running our model in your DIL simulator alongside your Canopy Platform subscription will give you an unparalleled ability to correlate your model, develop your car, and get feedback from your driver with perfect alignment between offline and live simulations.

Consulting Services

We have partnered with some of the most high profile teams in the world, from Formula 1 to the America's Cup, helping to put their simulation capability ahead of the competition and at the forefront of innovation.

Whether you are just beginning to build your own simulations, enhancing your existing suite, or need to scale out to running thousands of simulations in parallel, we can help you to make a tangible and transformative impact on performance.

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